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Latest Update : 8th April 2015
Contrasting views of the Supreme Ultimate in ancient Greece and China
Outlines a fundamental difference in Chinese and Western thought.

Previous updates : 18th July 2014 – A new version of :
An Introduction to Not-Knowing
A very useful technique which shows how to put into action a famous saying from the Daodejing.

News : A new post 5th March 2014:
Inside Us : the Four Main Levels of Internal Experience (part 1 : Levels 1 & 2)
This is how I have come to understand, in broad brushstrokes, the different layers of what lies inside us.

Recent updates: Two new posts 6th Feb 2014:
What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is not some sterile intellectual game; it’s about questioning what we’ve always taken for granted, and doing that involves our emotions as well as our minds.

Understanding Meditation
Meditation that uses the whole body to meditate is both easier  to do, and has rich side benefits.

Recent Posts
Let’s pretend . . . the most profound game there is (26th November 2013)

Welcome to Internalism.org

On this site, I’ll be offering essays on meditation and meditation techniques, as well as explaining a new philosophical approach which has grown out of many years of internal work.

    My approach might be of interest to those who find the current externalist view unsatisfactory, but are also unhappy with the old division of reality into physical and non-physical.

 All the essays below are now on the site, just click the links. 

 Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll enjoy the content.

 Cheers for now,

Steve Ronan




 Introduction to meditation
This essay provides an introduction to, and some basic guidelines for meditation

 An introduction to Not-Knowing
This essay outlines a fundamental technique which is beneficial both in meditation and in daily life.

 The importance of being honest with yourself.
This piece deals with the necessity of exposing our own self-deceit.

 Slow Walking
A simple exercise for quietening the mind

 Lighting up the fingers and toes
A fundamental exercise which attunes and equalises body-flows

 Raw data techniques
These are techniques to get underneath the surface of our perception



 Grounding ourselves in how we actually perceive : not body and mind, but external and internal.
This essay discusses how we perceive, and suggests that we might be better off seeing our basic perceptual contrast as between external and internal, rather than between body and mind.

 Externalism, Internalism and Binarism
Outlining three ways of seeing the world

 Internal Matter and External Matter
This essay introduces a new view of how we experience matter, and what characterises the matter of our internal experience. Includes a section on Feeling, an important concept in internalism and binarism.

 Are we really seeing things objectively?
This essay is an examination of our notions of objectivity, and how valid they are

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